Pagony is innovative quality and price-conscious! Our products are suitable for everyday use at an attractive price.

Pagony in 1992 arising from years of experience in the design and manufacture of equestrian sports, love for horses and a good sense of trends.
The results are impressive. A special collection of products that meet all the requirements for the horse and rider are both practical and fashionable to dress for every budget.

Several times a year, new products included in the collection which within a few days to find in your favorite equestrian store. Continuous’m getting looked at what the market wants, then we make a selection of quality products at a reasonable price. But we definitely want the ultimate goal not to lose sight, comfortably, safely and with ease on the road with your horse.

We also consider it important that Pagony products responsibly produced. We shall ensure that the people who make our products in a safe and clean working environment at a fair reward. We strive for quality at a fair price. We also use durable materials so the products last longer and we do not unnecessarily wasting.

Pagony, innovative, qualitatively good and price-conscious!